Life. Death. Violence. Sex. Drugs. Sports. Entertainment. The triumphs, tragedies, and unexplainable mysteries of this thing called life on Planet Earth. This tumblr is my small way of communicating my ideas, influences, likes, dislikes, and everything else to the world through effective visual and audio media. Some of the content on here will amaze you. Some of it will shock you. Some of it might even offend you. Whatever the response it illicits, as long as I can derive feelings from the viewer, I feel as if I have accomplished my mission. This blog is a product of a man who was shaped by the boredom of suburban life, the rebelliousness of youth culture, the ecclecticism of urban life, and the fecundity of the world in general. Thank you for visiting and please follow me if you like what you see.

This site occasionally features nudity and sexual content presented in a tasteful don't look at it at work and you must be 18+ to venture on through.

All pictures not done by me are credited to the original photographer/artist. I'm not a biter. But some folks on this piece unfortunately don't put those details out so don't blame takes a long time to research who did what so I'll do it if neccessary because the one thing we need in this generation is a wealth of cultural artifactsphotos going around without any notion of where they came from.


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    One of the dopest album covers of all time.
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    this right here. OMG THIS IS MY ALBUM!
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